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Congratulations Michael Sanford.  
Qld. Finalist 2023 Australian of the Year.

Together let's make change

Bunyarra Wellbeing Co offers comprehensive counselling, coaching and consultancy services across all areas of metropolitan and regional Queensland.

Their team is comprised of fully certified counsellors that specialise in a range of different therapies. Bunyarra’s therapists come from diverse backgrounds, utilising both mainstream and alternative approaches in the interest of understanding and responding to the unique needs of each client.


We approach every scenario free from assumption ensuring we remain receptive to the unique environments and variables involved in the complexity of human relationships. 

About Us

Founded in 2019 by Michael Sanford, Bunyarra was created after identifying many gaps within the mental health sector of regional and remote communities. 

As Bunyarra responded to these gaps, the apparent need for further counselling services was understood to be widespread. While their regional services remained a priority, Bunyarra continued to explore the contributions they could make on a broader scale. 

Michael and his team are re-imaginging approaches to mental health through a more proactive model which incorporates community life and recognises the role that business and large organisations can play. 

This pursuit for improved mental health services has seen Michael consult regularly with varied organisations including in an advisory role with the current Queensland Government.  


“We cannot save people, we can only help them to learn the tools, which will help people save themselves.”

The Bunyarra Core

Narelle and Orin round out the core of the Bunyarra team alongside Michael. As a team they have extensive experience working within both private and organisational sectors and collaborate effectively, drawing on their diverse skillsets to deliver innovative solutions.

Through their combined skills, perspectives and insights, they have the capability to evaluate the appropriate response to their clients’ needs and ensure a productive pairing of Bunyarra services to client requirements.

Bunyarra’s core practitioners are supported by an ever increasing group of counsellors and mental health practitioners, spread throughout Queensland’s regional and metropolitan areas.



The team at Bunyarra are equipped to offer counselling, coaching and consultation services for a variety of situations.  Their view is that mental health should be approached proactively, with supports offered across all parts of life. The interplay between personal, professional and community life is recognised in their approach of supporting people in times of crisis and distress. Likewise Bunyarra also believes in providing growth opportunities for people and organisations through coaching & consultation services.

While confident in their expertise, the Bunyarra counsellors remain aware that their clients are the experts in their own lives. Ideal therapeutic relationships occur when counsellors strive to understand their client’s world and not just impose upon them preconceived notions of how lives should be lived.

Personal + Interpersonal services include:

  • 1 on 1 counselling
  • Individual coaching
  • Relationship counselling
  • Support group facilitation 
  • Family & child health support

Workplace + community services include:

  • Workplace psychosocial consultation
  • Wellbeing program development & delivery
  • Workforce counselling & coaching
  • Management & leadership coaching
  • Workplace training development & delivery

We encounter many people along this journey, each with their own stories, continuing to motivate us to drive change.