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Personal + Interpersonal Counselling

With extensive counselling experience and a commitment to continually develop their understanding of mental health challenges, the Bunyarra team is committed to provide support for those in need.

Their counselling services are aimed at best helping people during times of their distress. These sources of distress are widely varied but often appear along a continuum of either acute response to stressful life events or chronic (prolonged) patterns of counter productive coping mechanisms. 

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Bunyarra’s personal & interpersonal counselling services offer support in the following :

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Patterns of distressed coping (shame, escapism, avoidance, rejection sensitivity etc)
  • Abuse, neglect & trauma
  • Atypical & melancholic depression
  • Grief & loss
  • Mediation
  • Relationship counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Support group facilitation (perinatal, substance abuse etc)
  • Crisis response 

The ideal emotional space for therapy is one that feels comfortable and non-threatening. It’s in those spaces we feel safe to share our vulnerabilities.

Workplace counselling + coaching + consulting

Bunyarra typically approaches workplace change through the development and delivery of tailored wellbeing programs. These programs are designed to facilitate workforce change through counselling, training & coaching tools and can offer consultation services in the development of management policies to promote an increasingly safe and productive working environment.

Through their tailored wellbeing programs, Bunyarra can provide workplace support services including: 

  • Workplace counselling & coaching
  • Workplace wellbeing check-ins
  • Management & leadership coaching
  • Training delivery & development
  • Complex case management

For further information regarding Bunyarra’s workplace services, access their services document here.

Bunyarra’s wellbeing programs are known for their ability to increase psychological flexibility within the workplace, and in turn, achieve great outcomes for both organisations and their people.

When employers adjust their practices to accommodate the preferences of their employees they are often met with response of an increasingly engaged workforce who contribute to improved productivity and help to maintain a culture of positivity. The beneficial outcomes of adjusting work conditions for employees also filters through with affects in families and the larger community.

Other requirements for workplace counselling will unavoidably be reactive in nature. The work environment is a complex system and difficulties often arise during both typical and exceptional circumstances. Bunyarra is equally capable to provide services in such cases.

Some of our organisational partners pursing proactive mental wellbeing in the workplace:

Community Services

Contributing to the mental well-being within communities is at times, just about making services accessible. Bunyarra is proud of its record supporting community events, not just through sponsorships but in having counsellors attend the events; making them available in a low-key fashion. Normalizing mental health services in the community helps to change the way we think about the role of mental health support.

Bunyarra continues to advocate for remote and regional mental health awareness and contribute what they can to help build more resilient communities.

“We want to help remove the obstacles that hinder people in the community from accessing the support they need”.